Vinoteca BiniagualWine Experience Biniagual

Experience an unforgettable wine tasting in our idyllic winery in the heart of Mallorca.
Sorting the grapes for the Mallorca wine tasting

Drop by for a glass or a bottle of wine - no reservation required!

You are staying in Mallorca? Then come and visit us during our opening hours, we are looking forward to it!



Majorcan wine tasting at the Finca Biniagual

Wine Tasting
for You


per person

Whether alone or together with friends or family – taste all our majorcan wines from our own production. We serve majorcan bread and our extra virgin olive oil from Finca Biniagual.

Wine tasting wines and tapas

Wine Tasting
& Tapas


per person

You would like to taste some of Mallorca’s best wines? Have them with a variety of cold majorcan tapas: Tortilla, vegetable Coca, a selection of sausages and cheese, bread, olives and extra virgin olive oil from Finca Biniagual. 

Reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance.

Wine tasting and guided tour in the winery

Wine Tasting & Guided Tour


per person

Coming with a small group of at least two people, you can visit our winery. Afterwards, enjoy a wine tasting and some cold tapas.

Reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance.

Are you interested in one of the three options mentioned above? Then please arrange an appointment with us. You are also welcome to drop by spontaneously at Vinoteca Biniagual during our opening hours, in order to enjoy the ambience and taste our wines and snacks à la carte.  

Consult conditions for groups over 30 people.

Individual appointmentbespoke wine tasting with guided tour

Are you already planning visiting? You are welcome to make an appointment with us to in order to visit the finca, bodega and vinoteca at Biniagual and to find out about our prices. You can reach us by calling (+34 690 224 007) or via email (

A guided visit of Finca Biniagual

A guided visit is the best way to get to know our wines and to find out, how much work and passion we put into our winery in Mallorca.

The experience starts in our wine cellar, the Bodega. There, you find out lots of interesting information about the production of our wines. You can get a picture of the quality of our wines for yourself during the wine tasting at the Vinoteca. With the wines, we serve bread and our home grown olives. We also offer our extra virgin olive oil and cheese and cold cut platters. Most products we serve are from our production, and in case of those that are not, we attach importance to them being produced locally. We only serve local and hand made products from producers we know, since environmental friendliness, quality and outstanding service are a matter of the heart to us. We would like to ensure, that our guests at Finca Biniagual can leave their everyday life behind for a while, relax and enjoy the peace.

Wine tasting at the Finca Biniagual

Wine tasiting MallorcaImpressions of our wine tasting on Mallorca

Gran Veran in the wine tasting
Chimney room and Lounge area of the Vinoteca
Chimney room of the Vinoteca

Enjoy Mallorca and treat yourself to a Tour and Wine tasting at the Vinoteca BiniagualA perfect trip

The Vinoteca Biniagual is part of the family-run farm, the Finca Biniagual. Here we aim at preserving a part of the original Mallorca in its wonderful variety. At the same time, we would like to make this typical majorcan ambience accessible to people through our wines. Therefore, we warmly welcome visitors at Biniagual at any time and offer you tours and wine tasting. You can either make an appointment or drop by at the Vinoteca spontaneously, to try a glass of our wine. We are open year-round, including weekends. On special Holidays (Christmas, New Year, Easter) on request or for booked guests. 


Our finca shop in Biniagual

You live in Mallorca or have rented a holiday home? Then come and shop directly at our finca shop.
Finca shop

At the Vinoteca Biniagual you can directly buy Finca Biniagual’s wines at cellar-door prices. Combine your shopping with a short break in the Vinoteca Biniagual, try the wines you are interested in - and buy those you liked best.

Of course, the Finca-shop also offers our marmalades, our extra virgin olive oil “Oli Finca Biniagual” in different formats, and, depending on the season, fresh fruit from our own cultivation, for example oranges and lemons, loquats, pomegranates, figs ... local, environmentally friendly products.

You are welcome to place an order of our products when you are in Biniagual in order to het them shipped to your home. We organize the shipping, so you can enjoy Finca Biniagual products at home when your return from Mallorca.

How to find us & opening hours

The Vinoteca and shop are open daily. 

  • Monday - Thursday: 11am to 7pm

Under normal conditions, we are open for you all year round, even on weekends and most holidays. If you have any questions, want to make a booking or enquire about opening on special holidays, please contact us by email or phone. 

Please note: A guided tour with wine tasting takes about 2 hours. In some aereas of Finca Biniagual, as well as in the winery, there is only limited cell phone reception. 

Finca Biniagual: The perfect Excursion

Are you already planning visiting us? You are welcome to make an appointment in order to visit the finca, bodega and Vinoteca Biniagual and to find out about our prices. You can reach us by calling (+34 690 224 007) or via email (