Finca BiniagualSpanish Rosé Wine from Biniagual

In order to obtain Spanish rosé wines, the "rosados", there are no specific grape varieties required. The wines' special colour and flavour is the result of employing a special wine pressing mecanism. 

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Spanish Rosé Wine from Biniagual

There are no special grape varieties needed to make spanish rosé wine, called “Rosado”. The unique color and aroma intensity of the rosé wine rather stems from an extraordinary method of production. Special about this, is that rosé wine is pressed only from red grapes, but is processed in the following like white wine is. The Bodega Biniagual also presses a Spanish rosé wine, using the, to Mallorca native, red vine variety Manto Negro. As with all wines from the Biniagual Bodega, we only use grapes from our own wine fields, which surround the winery and the village for the production. That way we ensure the high quality of our wine.