Finca Biniagual Lemon Marmalade

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True to our philosophy of an integrated economy, which only aims at maintaining Finca Biniagual’s traditional landscape and agriculture, the elaboration of our marmalade has a double objective: to use our lemons; and to collaborate with the Amadip Esment foundation, which works with the intellectually disabled in order to grant them integration in a work environment. Thanks to Finca Biniagual, they have now learned to prepare artisan marmalade.  

Lemon (48%), lemon juice (10%), sugar, grated lemon skin. 58 gr of lemon per 100gr.

Glass content: 314 gr

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Our lemon marmalade has been elaborated with lemons from our Finca Biniagual which are picked directly before processing them. We follow a family recipe and use the pulp, the juice, part of the skin and the fruits own pectin. This marmalade has a fresh taste and good acidity. 

More Information
Country of Manufacture Spain
Manufacturer Finca Biniagual
Vintage 2020
Residual sugar 58 gr lemon per 100 gr
Tasting note This marmalade is characterized by its fresh, acidic taste.
ingredients Lemons (48%), lemon juice (10%), sugar, lemon zest.
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