Finca BiniagualMarmalade full of Mallorca's sun

Finca Biniagual's marmalades are home-made with natural citrus fruits that grow on our estate. The oranges and lemons we use for our marmalades are produced in our sustainable and ecofriendly agriculture. 

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Marmalade full of Mallorca's sun

Our Marmelade, which is produced on our estate on Mallorca, is made out of untreated citrus fruits. The Oranges and lemons, which we use for the marmelade, come from our sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture at Finca Biniagual. The marmelade gets cooked according to a family recipe, which uses the pulp, the juice and the skin of the fruit. Only the canning sugar is additionally added. That is how our marmelade distinguishes itself through its fresh taste. Furthermore, we rely on the collaboration with the foundation Amadip Esment for the production of our jam. The aim of this NGO is to integrate people with disabilities in the labor market. To support this cause, Finca Biniagual provides the foundation with materials as well as the recipes. The people at Amadip Esment process the raw fruits, cook the marmelades and bottle them. Since the marmelades are natural products made by hand, there may be differences between individual glasses.