Eventlocation Wedding Trends 2020/21 in Biniagual

What do the trends for weddings 2020/2021 look like? Naturally and casual? Colourful with flowers and hippie-style? Rustic-romantic-baroque? Modern and funky? Elegant boudoir-style? Back to Basics? Realtime-bride?


Seven trends with all the elements involved, a true feast for the eyes. In February 2020, the specialist journal tu boda en Mallorca (your wedding in Mallorca) converted the Finca Biniagual in an authetic El Dorado for weddings. Seven of the island’s best wedding planners had been invited by the magazine to present their wedding trends 2020/2021 at Finca Biniagual. 

The result: a series of stunning images and the second edition of the magazine Bodaviews, worth to be read and leafed through. An inspiration even for those who are not going to be married.

For one day, Finca Biniagual was the location for seven weddings at once. While the Finca usually only accepts one event at a time, in order to maintain the location’s exclusivity and the discretion for it’s guests, at the beginning of February 2020, seven brides at once whirled through the Finca’s different locations and gardens. Seven wedding-planners had summoned their teams of florists, decorators, make-up specialists, fotografs, models, fashion designers, jewellers, etc., in order to stage their vision for the ideal weddding 2020/2021. Finca Biniagual was the ideal location for this event, as the different gardens, locations and hidden corners were the perfect backdrops for the spectacular wedding-scenes.