After harvesting the white grapes, we have started with the star of all our rosé and red wines: the MantonegroGRAPE HARVEST 2022 - MANTONEGRO

At the beginning of this week, 31 August 2022, we started harvesting the Mantonegro grape variety. The main protagonist in all our rosé and red wines. Like Prensal Blanc and Chardonnay, the Mantonegro grape is in perfect health.

Mantonegro has the particularity that it has a low anthocyanin potential, which means that the colour of the grape is usually very pale. Moreover, it is not a very heterogeneous grape in terms of maturity and for this reason, in the field we can find varieties that allow us to make different wines.

When the Mantonegro grape is small and its skin colour is very dark, excellent red wines can be obtained. When this characteristic varies, that is to say, if the grape is larger and less intense in colour, it is when it is used to make rosé wines. With these grapes, we can make pale and fresh rosés that are in line with today's tastes without any manipulation in the winery.

The Mantonegro grape will be present in our wines: Memòries de Biniagual Rosado 2022, Binimare 2022, Memòries de Biniagual Negre 2022, Finca Biniagual Verán 2022, Finca Biniagual Gran Verán 2022 y Finca Biniagual Mantonegro 2022.

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